Okay, man, it’s time to head in the game! The biggest gathering of his career in high school is fast approaching and you have to block a date for the big day. It is PROM for the good of God! Some of their classmates have waited their entire career to the students to attend such an event, so if timidity, the big question between periods of class will fly. It’s time to step up your game if you want to not only secure a date, but create a good memory of your passion. So, the time of promise! A promise should involve accessories, puns and a lot of wit, so do not even think about sending this flawed text you just typed. If you have not thought of a promising idea worthy of a date (and the fame of Instagram you always dreamed of), do not follow. We got lots of enthusiastic promises in the office so we were always producing creative ways to ask for your flight at the prom (promises were not a thing when we were in high school, right?). So there is no need to lose sleep by developing the most ingenious promiscuity; Read on for inspiration guarantees that the date will respond with a resounding “YES!”

Ideas to promote DISNEY


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If the date is in love with the wonderful world of Disney, call a couple of animated cartoon characters to help. Build a promise that will live Disney’s favorite characters in his love. You do not have to make the long trip (and expensive) to Disney World for the big occasion. Just use some of our products and accessories to transform this idea into a magical reality for both of us! If you are a fan of Beauty and the Beast, give them an enchanted rose, a surprise dinner and a card asking them to be your guest by the ball. Fans of intelligent toy story find if you dress like Sheriff Woody and write the word “Prom?” Under his cowboy boots. Winnie the Pooh fans there? If you know your “darling” as the stiff yellow bear, wear a character pajama suit while holding a sign that says “I’m going to walk a thousand acres to take you to the dance!” If your date of birth is scheduled a single princess deploy the actual rug and presents a pair of irregular Choice shoes. We recommend the heels or sequins character Cinderella. When you see these shiny shoes, she will accept your invitation in a flash!



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Do you want to make your geek special on your promise? Well, you do not need Jedi mental tricks to land the date of your dreams so our Star Wars gifts are among the best in the galaxy. If you always admired wanted to train to be a Jedi Master, in order to give them a ring or pendant attached light saber with a note that said: “You are the Obi-Wan for me. Dagobah Master to receive a pair of Yoda Irregular Choice shoes with a funny card attached. Write “Yoda, I want to go to the dance with” or “Go to the dance with me, right?” This is an excellent idea for Star Wars style fans who like to show off their collection of shoes. However, if you are chasing is a Sith Lord a Jedi Master, perhaps a Darth Vader theme is appropriate. Dress up in a Darth Vader suit and say that the “strength” goes to go to the prom or cook your dinner with a Vader deck. Do not forget to ask them if they want to join you on the dark side and stay by their side throughout the holiday promotion!



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Fortunately, arranging an appointment for the dance is not as difficult as following a Charizard or Gyrados! You will not have to spend hours working out in the gym or waiting for your starter to be changing permanently. To give firm Pokémon passionate crushing, all you need is our products and your creativity. Orchestra promising to pick up all fangirls from the anime that adorn your room with lots of adorable Pokémon feathers and a postcard inscribed with the following poem: The Charma

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