CBI takes over AIIMS MBBS question paper leak case

CBI takes over AIIMS MBBS question paper leak case

CBI takes over AIIMS MBBS question paper leak case, raids Ghaziabad exam centre

The IWC began investigating complaints of cheating candidates at an AIBSM MBBSaccess test center and attacked several locations across the country, medical institute sources announced Thursday.

The transfer of the Central Bureau of Investigation is after a committee tasked with examining how to test the snapshots are in public, dismissed the allegations of a leak of the question book and recommended a CBI investigation.

“The IWC is studying the issue and now also raids carried out in this regard.
Incursions in the center of Ghaziabad apart from some places in other states, “said one point source.

The committee’s findings have suggested that a candidate is cheating with the help of officials from a particular Uttar Pradesh center.

Representative image. Getty Images
Representative image. Getty Images
“It appears that the applicant has participated in the deception by smuggling a camera in the examination center,” the source said.

The candidate has already been identified and the results have been retained by the institute, he added. However, he refused to disclose details of the candidate or center.

AIIMS said on Thursday the results of its MBBS online admission exam.

A total of 2,84,737 candidates appeared, including 4905 have been classified and are eligible for a counseling session at AIIMS.

Interestingly, the top 10 players are from the same Kota training institute.

On May 31, Anand Rai, who exposed the Vyapam scam in Madhya Pradesh, claimed that this year’s admissions exam topics for MBBS at AIIMS were revealed.

After this, the institute has formed the Committee to examine how test snapshots are in public.
Rai, in a series of tweets, posted images of questionnaires for the entrance examination.

He claimed to have received footage of the broadcast from a source he said were made known at a university in Lucknow, when the online test was underway.

Rai had also flagged the prime minister’s office in his tweet and sought a CBI consultation on the subject.

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