It’s not the stars, but a really good film

It’s not the stars, but a really good film

It’s not the stars, but a really good film will get the numbers- Salman Khan

Sohail, who made fifteen films with Salman as an actor, director or producer. How does your unpredictability work?

Sohail Khan: I do not think it’s unpredictable, it’s spontaneous. What to expect a Salman Khan is one way, but both on the reel and real life, compared the situation at that time what should be matched. He does not have a luggage, he is considered somehow. I think it’s the kind of characters she or she plays in real life.

Salman Khan: There are no shots, he says and does what he feels at that moment. There is no restriction at all, as a format to follow. I think all bakwaas, it’s just pretentious. If you feel a certain way, I think I should express it.

Sohail Khan: Someone came to my father and said to him, “Salim [Khan, writer] Saab, we have not changed a little in fifteen years, and found no supplement. We must cultivate each one the days of our lives, and if not Has changed in the last fifteen years, it’s horrible!

This film [Tubelight] is based on Little Boy, which provides a real eight-year-old boy and wants his father back from World War II. How difficult was it to transplant this story in India with two much older characters?

Salman Khan: So you have not seen the movie. Kabir [Khan, director] showed me the promotion, and had a script based on the Sino-Indian War of 1962. He had these images very disconnected, and asked him to work. I brought a script in which I felt I could not have played this character correctly. He was an older man at different stages of life, which would have required prostheses and too much work. I have this respiratory problem, 87% of the nose is blocked due to a deviated nasal septum, so everything in my face made me uncomfortable. I would be very irritable, and I do not think it would be best to make a mahaul movie. After three months, he returned with him and I thought it was the most beautiful film. We started to release the film, and many names of stars have launched for the role of brother. Previously, it was supposed to be a special appearance, but it became stronger afterwards. My only concern was that the connection between the two brothers is very important, and if I have a friend who is the actor who plays the role, it would look like a performance. People would have thought he was trying to boost his brother by recommending the role, but Kabir has gotten a second and called the best cast ever. With another person inside the movie, we could have had a larger number, promotions would have been much higher. But ultimately, I think they are not the stars, but a very good movie will get the numbers. For me as an actor, it would become much more real and easy to play with my brother. Kabir said that as we become siblings, we would not have to build anything – the relationship between two actors as brothers – and Sohail, they also physically saw the character.

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Oh man! Irregular Choice has done it again. Splashing our beloved children’s characters bright colors and deliciously fun, we are absolutely in love with this new collection. Take Plick pet dog to walk around with bright gold and red Mickey apartments or go out for a lunch with the precious black and white Oh My! Minnie’s polka dot heel character. With so many well-designed shoe designs, it is difficult to specify our favorite. We can only envy you at all! Keep browsing to see the new magic collection below and let us know what your favorites are in the comments.



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Mickey and Minnie Heels by Irregular Choice

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Have you thought about what Mickey and Minnie look like lightning and glamor? Irregular Choice has you covered with this beautiful collection of high heel shoes. Shernie Minnie’s heel is the perfect accessory for your dog and summer clothing. For a more appealing look, we suggest Mickey and Minnie’s Heel Glitter, Mickey Oh Boy’s Heel No-Back Glitter or Mid-Heel Ostentai Mickey. If you feel like Minnie, Oh My! Minnie’s heel polka would go well with this points skirt of her death. Now, if you go for a more simplistic look, Mickey Button Heel will be your heel. The black and red two-tone heel with the Mickey signature button on the top will go well with poppin red skirt that you have in your closet.


Disney Custom Shoe by Irregular Choice

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Minnie and Chip & Dale Irregular Choice Purses

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Oh diapers! Now that your feet are covered with a wonderful Disney magic, what could you want? These awards are the desire of our heart. Currency exchange chip n ‘Dale vibrant colors is a set of summer staple accessories. This would be perfect with the adorable heel Sherbert Minnie. Do not forget the Minnie Mouse spongy red bevelled backpack. Combine this fun and simplistic design with a lace up and you have a suit that will make sure everyone says, “Oh,” Our favorites have to be the cross body bag Minnie and Minnie Mouse Oh My! Exchange. Full of elegance, class and flattery, these bags are a must. These tri-tone awards are a proof that dreams really true.

MICKEY AND MINNIE DIY temporary tattoos

Disney Tattoo DIY Printables

Need to fill your Disney solution now? We have covered these bright and colorful DIY Mickey & Friends tattoos. Click here to get started! We also have tons of Disney gifts for the best fans.

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‘OK K.O.’ is a brilliant cartoon with a game to match

‘OK K.O.’ is a brilliant cartoon with a game to match

‘OK K.O.’ is a brilliant cartoon with a game to match

With its small size, rectangular size and thin legs legs, K.O. Do not look like a superhero. But this is the point of K.O. OKAY! Let’s be heroes, an animated series from Cartoon Network. The titular character is a workout power training, full of naive wonder and a hungry pummel the bad guys. He works in a convenience store run by Mr. Gar, one of the world’s greatest superheroes, along with his radicle colleagues and Enid. Together they fight malicious robots sent from a factory called Boxmore side of the road, friendship and hard work learning along the way.
The show will be presented in August, if everything goes according to plan a game called equal K.O. OKAY! Heroes Let’s play together. The version is unusual for two reasons: a, this type of game is usually developed after a show has been launched and has attracted a great public benefit. Two, usually poor quality or produced by poor pedigree studies. Capy Games, meanwhile, is an independent studio with bags of talent. He started his business with licensed games, but has since launched a number of original hits, including Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP and Super Time Force.

The show
Collaboration would not have been possible without Ian Jones-Quartey. The writer, stage artist, animator and voice actor worked on a variety of cartoons, including Time of Adventure and Steven Universe. In 2011, they launched a Cartoon Network program that combines two of their favorite pastimes, their video games and their struggle and their experiences growing up and working in a mall. He became Lakewood Plaza Turbo, a pilot that Jones-Quartey ended in 2012. Cartoon Network was intrigued by the idea and asked if he would develop the concept using a mobile game.


Ian Jones-Quartey, creator K.O. OKAY! Let’s be heroes. cartoon Network
K.O. OKAY! Lakewood Plaza Turbo was released on iOS and Android in February 2016, with three animated shorts. Additional minisodes to air on YouTube in December and January 2017, which enrich the world and the colorful characters that inhabit it. Jones-Quartey and series executive producer Toby Jones worked on storyboards; However, each episode was animated by a different study. They all have a unique style, but are clearly part of a collective whole. If you look at everything from a hand you will have a deep knowledge of K.O., friends and make them characters so interesting.

The game, the shorts – that was all you need to give green light to the whole series. “This allowed us to learn more about the show itself,” says Jones. “We take what we have learned from all these different things centered on the game to help develop and get the demo picked up. We pushed back and said: This is what we’ve learned is where we are “and we got [Cartoon Network] even more excited about it and they took us to [OK KO] finally become a show.”


The games division of Cartoon Network experienced Capybara Games team and told them about the project. In a short time, Jones-Quartey and Jones were in a room with some storyboards launching the Toronto-based studio their vision for OK KO’s “They ask us many make plays by others, like other licenses, brands and intellectual property and We always say no because there is never really enough space to create what we believe to be creative, “said Nathan Vella, co-founder and president of Capy Games. But this project was different. Cartoon Network has launched a parallel production that encourages experimentation and unique creative treatments.

“It was a very strange thing for us to agree to collaborate and create on the basis of something that does not exist,” said Vella. “That is, the confidence that Ian and Toby told us to see with their creation, we also made the confidence of not knocking down.”

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Silambarasan says he is entering a new phase with ‘AAA’

Silambarasan says he is entering a new phase with 'AAA'

Silambarasan says he is entering a new phase with ‘AAA’

STR explained his new philosophy of life and how to be happy to team up, even if all his films fail

A week before the launch of their AAA Silambarasan STR invites us to an interview. It is true that his image of bad boy, he chose to have last midnight. Extracts:

AAA seems to be a movie that celebrates the artist in you, with you playing four roles.

Whatever I do, I never receive a price, which is not even a criterion. I approach different cinema now. Earlier, I would make a serious film for movie critics or happy music for fans. My choice always differed way. But I think this phase is over. From there, I’m only interested in two things. A movie for the first time should excite me in every way. I have to enjoy my thinking and this should be a movie I could have done. Secondly, it must be a movie that my fans would also do. This phase begins with the AAA.

What about AAA lights up?

I mean when adhik (the director) describes a character as a villain villain. I had the impression that this is what people expect of me anyway. They expect another ‘Beep song’ Me but they forget that I also did a ‘Song Vow’. I had a ‘Spiritual Win’ but people liked ‘Song Trend’ better. At the end of the day, we are not there to carry an “anna dhanam”, so we give them what they sell.

How to add adhik to that?

It is someone who was there during the first performances of Osthe or Silambattam Dum whistles and whistles for me. He was a fan of mine and he knows my fans better than me. He delivered only that with AAA. ” Yen Pulla, yenna madri dan irukum ‘.

Does it take a lot of pressure?

I am further from the pressure. It’s really necessary.

But when you start making movies for yourself and for those who love you, it does not work comfortably?

Not at all. It was easier before. I felt like I knew how to make a movie. But now I try to defy myself because I want my fans to enjoy all the movies. It is certainly more difficult, but I am happy now. Earlier, I was doing all this for people who did not care. I’m happy, even if my movie shows in only four theaters now. I’ll be happy even if my movies go, so I can do whatever I want.

What caused this drastic change in you?

I’m not here to prove anything to anyone. It seemed like I’ve always struggled with everyone, including myself. Then I realized, what should I fight? What Jesus said to show the other cheek does not make sense to me, but now. If you want to slap me, go ahead. I’m not trying to be the next Rajini and I make a rat race shorter. Even if I stay, it’s because I love him … not because I want to come first.

Are you satisfied with the new Simbu?

I’m glad I changed. He would have been admitted to an asylum if he had not. I got to know what I really am. Is not that what you call your spiritual journey?

People say that you are not punctual in sets, but they always manage to finish their work before others.

I think I’m going to be in trouble if I start going to the games on time (laughs). Even if I go back, does not it do justice to my role? If I’m so irresponsible, then why do these people still want to make a movie with me? Did I beg you to take me in your movie?

Even when they talk about their talent, they say they do not do it justice.

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