It’s not the stars, but a really good film

It’s not the stars, but a really good film

It’s not the stars, but a really good film will get the numbers- Salman Khan

Sohail, who made fifteen films with Salman as an actor, director or producer. How does your unpredictability work?

Sohail Khan: I do not think it’s unpredictable, it’s spontaneous. What to expect a Salman Khan is one way, but both on the reel and real life, compared the situation at that time what should be matched. He does not have a luggage, he is considered somehow. I think it’s the kind of characters she or she plays in real life.

Salman Khan: There are no shots, he says and does what he feels at that moment. There is no restriction at all, as a format to follow. I think all bakwaas, it’s just pretentious. If you feel a certain way, I think I should express it.

Sohail Khan: Someone came to my father and said to him, “Salim [Khan, writer] Saab, we have not changed a little in fifteen years, and found no supplement. We must cultivate each one the days of our lives, and if not Has changed in the last fifteen years, it’s horrible!

This film [Tubelight] is based on Little Boy, which provides a real eight-year-old boy and wants his father back from World War II. How difficult was it to transplant this story in India with two much older characters?

Salman Khan: So you have not seen the movie. Kabir [Khan, director] showed me the promotion, and had a script based on the Sino-Indian War of 1962. He had these images very disconnected, and asked him to work. I brought a script in which I felt I could not have played this character correctly. He was an older man at different stages of life, which would have required prostheses and too much work. I have this respiratory problem, 87% of the nose is blocked due to a deviated nasal septum, so everything in my face made me uncomfortable. I would be very irritable, and I do not think it would be best to make a mahaul movie. After three months, he returned with him and I thought it was the most beautiful film. We started to release the film, and many names of stars have launched for the role of brother. Previously, it was supposed to be a special appearance, but it became stronger afterwards. My only concern was that the connection between the two brothers is very important, and if I have a friend who is the actor who plays the role, it would look like a performance. People would have thought he was trying to boost his brother by recommending the role, but Kabir has gotten a second and called the best cast ever. With another person inside the movie, we could have had a larger number, promotions would have been much higher. But ultimately, I think they are not the stars, but a very good movie will get the numbers. For me as an actor, it would become much more real and easy to play with my brother. Kabir said that as we become siblings, we would not have to build anything – the relationship between two actors as brothers – and Sohail, they also physically saw the character.

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