‘Destiny 2’ on PC is nothing like the first game

'Destiny 2' on PC is nothing like the first game

‘Destiny 2’ on PC is nothing like the first game

Fate, like Bungie’s Halo in front of him, was a relatively slow action game. It was ideal for console controllers, but it would not have also translated to the PC, where players expect everything to move much faster. Now that Destiny 2 finally brings the series to PC on October 24, he could not help but wonder how Bungie would adapt the mouse and keyboard. Keep it slow and methodical pacing that gets accustomed, or would it increase Bungie?

After spending quality time with the PC version in E3, I can attest that it is a much faster and more intense experience. This is explained in part by the improvements in the game: the change between weapons and reload feels much faster than before, and the fact that I played the game in 4K at 60 fps silky. This unique lock strikes makes the experience more immediate because there is less lag between what you get and how the game responds. (See a video of the 4K game in action below.)


I have played many hours of original game of Xbox One, but the destination 2 is basically feels different with a mouse and a keyboard. As expected, looking around and aiming at enemies is much faster than a controller. PC gamers might even find it a bit too easy at first because it is not that hard to end up with the slower enemies of Destiny 2 if you have quick mousing reflexes. The fight of the game feels a bit more complicated than before, because you can now launch a powerful melee attack, in addition to the super-charged moves before.

In addition to playing much easier, Target 2 is also amazing in 4K to 60 FPS. Every aspect of the world was done to perfection, with no signs of jagged edges or blurry textures. Sometimes, the sheer amount of fancy images and visual effects on the screen makes it look like Bungie. Do not worry if you can not run the game in 4K, however – it will always appear better than console versions at 1440 percent or more at 60 fps. And if you are the lucky owner of an ultra wide screen monitor, you can enjoy it in a native resolution of 21: 9.

Target 2 can also go beyond 60 FPS on the PC if you have the hardware to handle it. Versions of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One X Pro game, on the other hand, will be locked at 30 FPS, and it is still unclear what resolution to run. Therefore, as powerful as the Xbox One X, it is still behind is a fully equipped PC game can offer. The demonstration platform included I used the NVIDIA GTX 1080Ti GPU. You definitely need something in this level if you want to play in 4K with high frame rate. And speaking of NVIDIA, the company also announced that it would be a copy of Destiny 2 with video cards for a limited time.

While I only had about 15 minutes with the target PC version 2, I’m already hoping to be my main platform for the game. As usual, however, the ideal platform for a multiplayer action game that will be all your friends. There is no doubt that the single-player campaign of the game will be big on PC, but it remains to be seen if it will really attract a solid multiplayer community.

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