China Kindergarten Explosion

China Kindergarten Explosion

China Kindergarten Explosion- 7 Killed, 59 Wounded by Blast

BEIJING – At least seven people were killed and 59 wounded when an explosion at the entrance of a kindergarten in China, official media reported Thursday.

Many parents have taken their children when the blast occurred, according to Xinhua news agency.

The alleged video of the scene and published in social networks showed children and adults lying on the floor. Some were bleeding.

The blast struck 4:50 p.m. local time (4:50 am ET) Thursday in Fengxian City in Jiangsu Province.

A portable video camera on the website daily newspapers Popular officers showed more than a dozen people still facing the kindergarten steel sliding door with clothes, shoes and other items scattered on the floor blood accumulates side.

Closed-circuit public television marked the death toll to seven, adding that nine of 59 injured were “seriously injured.”

It was not clear whether the explosion was an accident or was deliberately. The newspaper quoted an unidentified Xiandaikuaibao witness as saying the explosion appeared to be linked to a gas cylinder.

Explosions and other accidents are common in China due to uneven application of safety standards.

Kindergartens in China were attacked before the apparent vengeance attacks carried out by people with rancor against their neighbors and society.

This resulted in a tightening of security in many schools, with the exhibition of guards equipped with walking sticks and the installation of fences and other obstacles.

China maintains strict control over firearms and most of the attacks are carried out with knives, axes or explosives.

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