Qualities Stick To Wallpaper

Qualities Stick To Wallpaper

Qualities Stick To Wallpaper

To see all the decorative design magazines in the supermarket, you think that all the others we have to do with our money is to pump blindly into our homes. No doubt, a beautiful home is important, but it is the same for minor things such as mortgage payments, rent, school fees, light bill, clothes, parties, shopping, life insurance and new tires.

Fortunately, the art of making a good alternative to do without. There are no prices on the wit and there is lack of rewarding wit. When it comes to starting up your nest, using everyday materials with imagination can more than compensate for having to cut corners from time to time.

Example: wallpaper. Since the Chinese invented 2200 years ago, the wallpaper has allowed people of limited resources to enrich their homes affordable with color, pattern and texture. But if you still think that the wallpaper is only fit for walls, then you are not using this miraculous material for all it’s worth.

Scrubbable, tear and is available in an unlimited range of models and colors, the wallpaper can cover a multitude of sins furniture surface

– unfinished, hand, down, basement or dignity, but the exhaustion of time – and other household objects. It’s a time to use (easier on that wall wallpaper), and it’s easily available in paint shops and neighborhood paper. If you organize a vacation home, a first-class apartment or bedroom, or if you want to extend the shelf life of the furniture in the room or the family room of a child, the wallpaper can help reduce costs.

As for the tools, scissors or sharp knife and a good straight edge (a rule or standard) is all you really need. For best results, use a commercial wallpaper primer on all surfaces before applying the background image with the appropriate paste (vinyl or wheat paste), as suggested by the manufacturer.

The true beauty of the background image is that it produces an unexpected surface and transforms an otherwise remarkable piece of furniture into something special series. Of course, it will not last forever, but if you can adjust a few years of use on a coffee table from the family vault, but seriously marked by the placement of it, why not? You can always use the extra time to set aside the money for the granite table you really want.

Obviously, furniture with flat surfaces lend themselves to wallpaper finishes better than furniture with curved or carved surfaces. Seamstresses, safes, old steam cabinets, new skateboards above, stackable storage cabinets, libraries, screens, modular wall units, cabinets, desks, desks, bedside tables and other deck parts are all good candidates for the role .

If you can not be able to adapt to the edges of the drawer or bevelled edges of the boards, first paint a complementary color and then apply the paper to the flat areas.

If you want the small room to be larger, reduce the presence of a large piece of furniture – a cabinet with drawers, for example, or cabinet – by placing it with the same paper you use on the walls. If space is not a concern, consider packing a cabinet with the same paper you used on the walls, but in a different color. You can also use the paper to revitalize simply inside a ceramic box with light, a cabinet curiosities or shelf.

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