‘OK K.O.’ is a brilliant cartoon with a game to match

‘OK K.O.’ is a brilliant cartoon with a game to match

‘OK K.O.’ is a brilliant cartoon with a game to match

With its small size, rectangular size and thin legs legs, K.O. Do not look like a superhero. But this is the point of K.O. OKAY! Let’s be heroes, an animated series from Cartoon Network. The titular character is a workout power training, full of naive wonder and a hungry pummel the bad guys. He works in a convenience store run by Mr. Gar, one of the world’s greatest superheroes, along with his radicle colleagues and Enid. Together they fight malicious robots sent from a factory called Boxmore side of the road, friendship and hard work learning along the way.
The show will be presented in August, if everything goes according to plan a game called equal K.O. OKAY! Heroes Let’s play together. The version is unusual for two reasons: a, this type of game is usually developed after a show has been launched and has attracted a great public benefit. Two, usually poor quality or produced by poor pedigree studies. Capy Games, meanwhile, is an independent studio with bags of talent. He started his business with licensed games, but has since launched a number of original hits, including Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP and Super Time Force.

The show
Collaboration would not have been possible without Ian Jones-Quartey. The writer, stage artist, animator and voice actor worked on a variety of cartoons, including Time of Adventure and Steven Universe. In 2011, they launched a Cartoon Network program that combines two of their favorite pastimes, their video games and their struggle and their experiences growing up and working in a mall. He became Lakewood Plaza Turbo, a pilot that Jones-Quartey ended in 2012. Cartoon Network was intrigued by the idea and asked if he would develop the concept using a mobile game.


Ian Jones-Quartey, creator K.O. OKAY! Let’s be heroes. cartoon Network
K.O. OKAY! Lakewood Plaza Turbo was released on iOS and Android in February 2016, with three animated shorts. Additional minisodes to air on YouTube in December and January 2017, which enrich the world and the colorful characters that inhabit it. Jones-Quartey and series executive producer Toby Jones worked on storyboards; However, each episode was animated by a different study. They all have a unique style, but are clearly part of a collective whole. If you look at everything from a hand you will have a deep knowledge of K.O., friends and make them characters so interesting.

The game, the shorts – that was all you need to give green light to the whole series. “This allowed us to learn more about the show itself,” says Jones. “We take what we have learned from all these different things centered on the game to help develop and get the demo picked up. We pushed back and said: This is what we’ve learned is where we are “and we got [Cartoon Network] even more excited about it and they took us to [OK KO] finally become a show.”


The games division of Cartoon Network experienced Capybara Games team and told them about the project. In a short time, Jones-Quartey and Jones were in a room with some storyboards launching the Toronto-based studio their vision for OK KO’s “They ask us many make plays by others, like other licenses, brands and intellectual property and We always say no because there is never really enough space to create what we believe to be creative, “said Nathan Vella, co-founder and president of Capy Games. But this project was different. Cartoon Network has launched a parallel production that encourages experimentation and unique creative treatments.

“It was a very strange thing for us to agree to collaborate and create on the basis of something that does not exist,” said Vella. “That is, the confidence that Ian and Toby told us to see with their creation, we also made the confidence of not knocking down.”

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