5 Things to Consider Before You Buy Wallpaper

5 Things to Consider Before You Buy Wallpaper

5 Things to Consider Before You Buy Wallpaper

Before you go through the millions and millions of wallpaper options out there – certainly before you fall for a reason – you want to make sure that the wallpaper is the best choice for the room in question. (There is no reason to raise this silky fish footprint only to realize that the room is not suitable for paper). The biggest consideration might be different from the one of love when it comes to paper design, but it is not the logistic space and wallpaper properties to keep in mind, since (fun things!). Here are five things to consider before taking the lightning.
Room fittings
If the room has the shape of a cone head inside, the document will be … difficult. But according to Melissa and Julie Warner Rothblum Massucco Kleiner, the founders of Massucco Warner Miller, an interior design company based in Los Angeles and Seattle, which is more a matter of openings in the plane of the only way. “If there are a lot of doors or windows in a room or a lot of large objects that occupy a lot of visual wall space,” the Post said, “there is not enough space for the bottom of the screen has Good impact “. In other words, if you only see a splinter or design of two exposed, is it worth planning the wallpaper? (You can decide if!)
A Massucco Warner Miller salon covered in red lawn.

Aaron Photography Leitz
Total walls of covered size
In other words, more space and more space on the wall are exposed, more that your project will be expensive – both to buy enough paper to keep an installer on the clock to get the job done. Do you want a direct paper cost from the living room, or spend on fancy paper and wallpaper instead of the small entrance? (For registration, we believe that both can be good decisions.)
A sufficient amount of space on the exposed wall opens the way to radiation, in the kitchen of a Monte Carlo residence designed by Timothy Whealon.

Simon Watson
Scale the desired pattern
Once you have decided that yes, it is worth your time and money to cover the wall, consider paper design. A large-scale model read much more clearly if it has large areas of the wall will keep with the guard; Otherwise, a small alloy model (or paint!) May be the best choice.
Scale models depend, as evidenced by the living room of the designer Mark Christofi’s home in Massachusetts.

Fran├žois Dischinger
Steam factor in the room
Traditionally, dust rooms are a popular place to pass the wallpaper. As Rothblum and Kleiner stand out: “They are smaller than other rooms in the house, so … some customers feel more secure and do something that is a real showtopper.” On the other hand, it is less hot, hotter than a bathroom or kitchen. Surely you can find wallpapers that can withstand these conditions (waterproof paper, for example), but not all models will be available in a stronger brand. Just make sure that you like the options there are before relying on the wallpaper in a full bathroom or kitchen.
In an Atlanta house, a wallpaper Katie Ridder Holland & Sherry raises a bathroom, which is much more suitable for the task than a warm or warm bath or kitchen.

Pieter Estersohn
It is likely that the children who will be staying
Some papers are very childish (vinyl base color black screen!); Others look like they would be (there’s a whole world of child-oriented models in the screen universe). Others, such as grass cloth, which are made of natural fibers that can not be washed or cleaned, or delicate vintage wallpaper hard to retrieve from a child armed with a pencil or marker. Walls painted by comparison, could always be painted in a particular sector if the marks are not established, but the repipage would be a much greater challenge.

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